Battery Tender Solar Charger Controller

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Product Description

Battery Tender

Battery Tender Solar Charger Controller

The Battery Tender Solar Charger is completely automatic and may be left connected to both solar panel and to the battery that it is charging for long periods of time. The charger output power, voltage, and current all depend on the condition of the battery that is being charged and the available input power from the solar panel you use. The device has a status light that indicate the operating mode of the charger, and the condition of the battery that is connected to the charger.

The chargers operate in one of the 3 primary charge modes:

  • Bulk mode

    • Full charge power, constant current, increasing battery voltage, battery is 0% to 75% or 80% charged)
  • Absorption mode

    • High constant voltage, decreasing current, battery is 75% to 100% charged)
  • Storage/float maintenance mode

    • Low constant voltage, minimal charge current, battery is fully charged, typically 100% to 103%

When the battery is fully charged, the green status indicator light will turn on and the charger will switch to a storage/maintenance charge mode. Battery Tender Solar Charger will automatically monitor and maintain the battery at full charge.

Special Features

  • Sparkproof: The battery charger DC output leads, either ring terminals or alligator clips must be connected to a battery before an output voltage is developed by the battery charger

  • Short Circuit Protection: The battery charger can sustain a short circuit connection directly across its DC output terminals indefinitely without any risk of either electric shock or excessive heat

  • Reverse Polarity Protection: The battery charger is protected internally against any damage due to the DC output leads being connected to the opposite polarity battery post

  • Charging Time: The Battery Tender Solar Charger charges at up to 3.0 Amps (3.0 AmpHours per hour). A fully discharged 15 Amp-Hour battery will take approximately 5 hours, to recharge to 80% capacity when this device is connected to a 45 watt panel. Some large automotive or marine, deep cycle type batteries may take several days to fully recharge.

Spec Details
Watts 5W to 45W

Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers

  • will this work on my camper to keep the battery charged when not in use?

    By: Bob

    So long as the solar panel on your camper produces power anywhere between 5 and 45 watts at up to 32 volts DC, and you're using it to charge a 12 volt battery, this unit would certainly be suitable for your needs.

    By: Staff