Cobra Fi2000 Tri Pot Fuel Controller

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Cobra Fi2000 Tri Pot Fuel Controller

  • Cobra's Fi2000 comes preset for your make and model of motorcycle
  • It is also set for your bike equipped with an aftermarket exhaust system
  • This setting will enhance the performance of the entirely stock bike as well
  • If you add a high flow air filter system, you might need to adjust your particular model
  • Each comes with detailed instructions showing you how to make those adjustments quickly and easily
  • The Tri-Pot is similar to Cobra's Fi1200R EFI controllers, but allows for more adjustability for motorcycles with significant engine modifications
  • Easy to understand instructions included with each kit
  • Made in the USA

Spec Details
CARB Approved No
Country of Origin USA

Vehicle Fitment

Fitment is guaranteed or your money back plus free return shipping. Don't waste time installing a product that doesn't fit. We worked hard ensuring that this product is an exact fit on the vehicles listed below.


  • VTX1800C 2002-2007
  • VTX1800F 2005-2008
  • VTX1800R 2002-2007
  • VTX1800S 2002-2006
  • VTX1800T 2008


  • VN900B Vulcan 900 Classic 2006-2017
  • VN900C Vulcan 900 Custom 2007-2017
  • VN900D Vulcan 900 Classic LT 2006-2017
  • VN1500J Vulcan 1500 Drifter 1999-2000
  • VN1500N Vulcan 1500 Classic Fi 2000-2008
  • VN1500R Vulcan 1500 Drifter 2001-2005
  • VN2000A Vulcan 2000 2004-2007
  • VN2000D Vulcan 2000 Limited 2005-2006
  • VN2000E Vulcan 2000 Classic 2006-2007
  • VN2000F Vulcan 2000 Classic LT 2006-2007
  • VN2000G Vulcan 2000 2008-2009
  • VN2000H Vulcan 2000 Classic 2008-2009
  • VN2000J Vulcan 2000 Classic LT 2008-2010


  • VL800 Boulevard C50 2005-2008
  • VL1500 Boulevard C90 2005-2009
  • VZ800 Boulevard M50 2005-2008
  • VZR1800 Boulevard M109R 2006-2009, 2011-2014

Customer Reviews

Tripot adjustable controller on C50

out of 5
5 stars

By on August 22, 2016

Worth every the ability to customize the settings and test/tune results of new add-ons. Was noticing small splits and pops with my setup off throttle and this box smoothed it all out. Never used t-tap connectors before, but made installation quick and clean. The unit attaches out the way with velcro behind the side cover. Settings out of the box were a great start, noticed a difference on the first ride, but tweaked each pot a little as I went.

5 stars
5 stars

2 Thumbs Up!!

out of 5
5 stars

By on May 5, 2017

Had idling issues and some exhaust popping on my Vulcan 900. Purchased this little gem after a buddy of mine told me about it. Fairly simple install. After install, fired the bike up and could instantly tell a difference in the sound. Took the bike around the neighborhood and could feel a difference in the way the engine responded to the throttle and no more popping. Great product.

5 stars
5 stars

Questions & Answers

  • How is the unit know what type after market exhaust I have?

    By: John B

    Cobra's Fi2000 isn't a self-adjusting tuner, but rather comes preset from Cobra to work with the stock engine and an aftermarket exhaust. The unit comes with three dials on it which are to be used for adjusting fuel deliver on your bike. The included instructions provide an excellent step-by-step guide to get the most of the fuel tuner. It's actually pretty similar to tuning a carburetor:

    idle/cruise dial: used for correcting surging or uneven running at idle or constant throttle input. Typically, most bikes run lean from the factory, and especially with the installation of an aftermarket exhaust system. You'll find that this will probably have the greatest effect from the outset when setting up this tuner to work on your bike.

    acceleration dial: used to tune out hesitation or bogging when you grab a lot of throttle. Should you change to a high-efficiency air filter, for example, you'll most likely be making adjustments here.

    top end dial: typically, you won't need to make any adjustments here since emissions testing isn't done at full throttle. No less, if you find that the bike stumbles or doesn't run right at high RPM, you'll need to adjust this particular dial. Also, in the event you significantly modify the intake with the installation of an aftermarket air cleaner or modify the cylinder head, you'll have to spend some time making adjustments here.

    By: Staff

  • i have a vulcan nomad 1600. will this unit work with that

    By: kyrock69

    Unfortunately, Cobra does not produce a Tri Pot fuel controller to fit the Nomad 1600, although they do produce two different fuel controllers to fit that bike. The first is the Fi2000R Fuel Controller - that unit acts the same way as the Tri Pot fuel controller except it has OEM-type connectors to make installation a snap. You can tune it in a manner similar to that of a carburetor. The included instructions explain clearly how to go about setting your Nomad to work with the Fi2000R.

    If you want something that allows a lot more in the way of functionality, check out the Cobra PowrPro Black fuel controller. This particular unit adjusts fueling while you ride, so you'll always get the best possible engine performance and throttle response regardless of your bike's configuration, fuel used or atmospheric conditions. All you need is an Android or iOS smart phone to set it up. You don't need to get to the unit itself any time you want to change fueling.

    By: Staff

  • Does the black wire on the Cobra Fi2000 on the Honda VTX1800 go on the pos or neg side?

    By: Guest

    The black wire on the Fi2000 Tri Pot for the VTX1800 is actually the ground wire and is to be attached to the frame on the bike. Cobra recommends that you attach this to the M10 bolt that's just to the right and below the VTX1800 ECU.

    By: Staff

  • What is the difference between the Fi2000 and the Fi2000R? I will be purchasing with the Cobra Streetrod Slashdown exhaust system to mount on my 2008 Suzuki C50.

    By: Alex

    Functionally speaking, there's no difference between the Fi2000 and the Fi2000R. The only difference is the means of installation. That R variant comes ready-to-plug into the OEM wire harness. That is to say, it has connectors that make it a plug-and-play setup and, should you choose to remove the device later on, it's as simple as unplugging the kit and pulling the ground wire off the battery. The base Fi2000 version requires that you do a little more work using T-taps to wire into the OEM harness. The latter really isn't a difficult operation, but it will leave permanent changes to the wire harness upon installation since you'll have those T taps left on the wire harness. Should you choose to remove the device later on, you'll want to wrap electrical tape over those inclusions in the wiring.

    By: Staff

  • 1800 vtx I have k/n air filter I open the stock pipe is this enough to use this programmer

    By: tex

    The controllers come configured by Cobra to work with a full aftermarket exhaust system, so it'll be pretty close to what you actually need for your exact configuration. Just install the unit and see how the bike runs on your first ride. From there, just refer to the included instructions to see what changes you may want to make based on that first ride and go from there. The modifications you're planning on are certainly within the realm of adjustment capabilities of the fuel controller itself.

    By: Staff