Vance & Hines Megaphone 4-into-1 Full Exhaust System

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Product Description

Vance & Hines

Vance & Hines Megaphone 4-into-1 Full Exhaust System

  • Beautifully finished in brilliant chrome plating
  • Baffle delivers performance and meets noise standards
  • Tuned length head pipe, tapered megaphone and collector
  • Oil filter and drain plug access is ample and cornering distance is improved
  • Made in the USA

Spec Details
Configuration 4 into 1
Country of Origin USA
Finish Chrome

Vehicle Fitment

Fitment is guaranteed or your money back plus free return shipping. Don't waste time installing a product that doesn't fit. We worked hard ensuring that this product is an exact fit on the vehicles listed below.


  • CB750 Nighthawk 750 1991-1993, 1995-2003
  • CB750F 750 Super Sport 1979-1982
  • CB1100F Super Sport 1983


  • KZ650B 1977-1979
  • KZ650F Custom 1980
  • KZ750E Standard-4 1980-1982
  • KZ750H LTD-4 1980-1982
  • KZ900A 1976-1977
  • KZ900B LTD 1976
  • KZ1000A 1977-1978


  • GS750 1977-1979
  • GS750E 1980-1982
  • GS750L 1980-1981
  • GS850G 1980
  • GS1000 1978-1979
  • GS1000G 1980-1981
  • GS1000GL 1980-1981
  • GS1000S Katana 1980
  • GS1100E 1980-1983
  • GS1100ES 1982-1983
  • GS1100L 1980

Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers

  • do you need to rejet

    By: ted

    If you expect to get the most possible benefit out of the installation of this, or any other Vance and Hines exhaust system - yes, we strongly recommend that you get a jet kit to go along with it. Sure, you could probably just install the exhaust on its own, but then you'd end up with a potentially poor-running bike that either falls flat when you grab a handful of throttle, sputters while cruising - or any other range of ailments. The appropriate jet kit will help to mitigate all of those conditions.

    We recommend a Dynojet Carburetor Jet kit to go along with these particular exhausts.

    By: Staff

  • I like to get this on stainless and it will work on my 1979 CB750k ?

    By: Guest

    At the moment, Vance & Hines does not produce an exhaust to fit the 1979 Honda CB750K. We do have a 1979 CB750K Megaphone exhaust in the form of the MAC Megaphone Full Exhaust System. Check it out, it even comes with removable baffles.

    By: Staff