S&S Carburetor Carb Body Rebuild Kit

Item Number: 342408

Universal Fit – Review specifications carefully.

Product Description

S&S Cycle

S&S Carburetor Carb Body Rebuild Kit

  • Carburetor body rebuild kit for S&S carburetors

Spec Details
Carburetor Type Varies (make selection above)
Country of Origin USA

Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers

  • Will this work with the S&S Super E Shorty carburetor?

    By: Lou

    Yes, S&S carburetor body rebuild kits will indeed fit the S&S Super E shorty carb as they're designed to fit all carburetors within the Super E series. Just select the Super E carburetor from the carburetor type selection menu and we'll get the one you need on its way to you!

    By: Staff

  • I have a 79 fxs harley, i just bought it has s&s super b carb on it. Well this kit work for it? My shaft is worn...

    By: Steve

    S&S Super B carb rebuild kits are specifically designed to address the worn throttle shaft problem you describe. In fact, the instructions provide some excellent guidance as to how to deal with various degrees of wear. So, for your needs - the rebuild kit in question will serve you well.

    By: Staff