SBS Brake Pneumatic Hydraulic Bleeder Tool Kit

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SBS Brake Pneumatic Hydraulic Bleeder Tool Kit

SBS brake bleeder tool allows quick, safe and clean exchange of brake fluid. The bleeder is made of the best and most durable brake fluid resistant materials which means that it handles the highly corrosive brake fluid in a closed circuit. A special safety tip-over valve prevents the fluid to atomize when the container is full.

  • This unique tool will allow for a quick, secure and clean brake service when changing brake fluid
  • Throttleable air pressure for use on various brake systems
  • No more spilling corrosive brake fluid on your ride or on the shop floor
  • Takes all the time out of bleeding brakes and eliminates even the most stubborn air bubbles
  • Suitable for use on all hydraulic brake and clutch systems
  • Operates using compressed air (minimum 90 PSI)

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Country of Origin Denmark

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