MAC Canister Full Exhaust System

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MAC Canister Full Exhaust System

MAC's Canister full exhaust system features headers with a black finish for an unmistakable classic street bike look. With pipes that are precision mandrel for a perfect fit and mated to a canister-shaped muffler, this exhaust is built for power.

  • Lighter with increased ground clearance when compared to stock
  • Four into one exhaust configuration
  • Does not interfere with center stand operation
  • Canister style muffler includes removable baffle

Spec Details
Configuration 4 into 1
Header Construction Black Steel
Muffler Sleeve Varies (make selection above)

Vehicle Fitment

Fitment is guaranteed or your money back plus free return shipping. Don't waste time installing a product that doesn't fit. We worked hard ensuring that this product is an exact fit on the vehicles listed below.


  • CB500K Four 1971-1973
  • CB550F Super Sport 550 Four 1975-1977
  • CB550K 550 Four 1975-1978
  • CB650 1979-1982
  • CB650C 650 Custom 1980-1981
  • CB650SC Nighthawk 650 1982
  • CB750 Nighthawk 750 1991-1993
  • CB750F 750 Super Sport 1975-1982
  • CB750K 750 Four 1969-1982
  • CB750SC Nighthawk 750 1982-1983
  • CB900C 900 Custom 1980-1982
  • CB900F 900 Super Sport 1981-1982
  • CB1000C Custom 1983
  • CB1100F Super Sport 1983


  • KZ550A Standard 1980-1983
  • KZ550C LTD 1980-1983
  • KZ550D GPz 550 1981
  • KZ550F LTD Shaft 1984
  • KZ550F Spectre 1983
  • KZ550H GPz 550 1982-1983
  • KZ550M LTD Shaft 1983
  • KZ650B 1977-1979
  • KZ650C Custom 1977-1979
  • KZ650D SR 1978-1979
  • KZ650E LTD 1980
  • KZ650F Custom 1980
  • KZ750E Standard-4 1980-1982
  • KZ750F LTD Shaft 1983
  • KZ750H LTD-4 1980-1983
  • KZ750L Sports 1983
  • KZ750N Spectre 1982-1983
  • KZ750R GPz 750 1982
  • KZ900A 1976
  • KZ1000A 1977-1978
  • KZ1000D Z1R 1978, 1980
  • KZ1000E 1000 Shaft 1979-1980
  • KZ1000G Z1 Classic 1980
  • KZ1000J 1000 Standard 1981-1983
  • KZ1100A Shaft 1983
  • KZ1100D 1000 Spectre 1982-1983
  • KZ1100L 1100 LTD Shaft 1983
  • Z1 900 Super Four 1973-1975
  • ZN1100B LTD Shaft 1984-1985
  • ZX550A GPz 550 1985
  • ZX750A GPz 750 1984-1985


  • GS750E 1980-1982
  • GS750L 1981
  • GS750T 1982-1983
  • GS1100E 1981-1983
  • GS1100ES 1983


  • XJ650 Maxim 1980-1983
  • XJ650L Midnight Maxim 1981
  • XJ650R Seca 1982
  • XJ750 Maxim 1982-1983
  • XJ750M Midnight Maxim 1983
  • XJ750R Seca 1981-1983

Customer Reviews


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5 stars

By on February 15, 2017

All black canister exhaust sounds great and looks mean on my old 81 XJ650. Now I just need a jet kit to get her dialed in!

5 stars
5 stars

Questions & Answers

  • Will this fit my 1984 nighthawk 650?

    By: Joey

    MAC doesn't produce a Canister full exhaust system to fit your bike. We do, however, have a MAC Megaphone Full Exhaust System that'll fit that machine perfectly. To find that exhaust, simply use the search bar for "MAC Megaphone Full Exhaust System" select your motorcycle and you'll get the exact Nighthawk 650 exhaust system that you need.

    By: Staff

  • If I put this on my bike, what are the chances that I will need to tune the carbs?

    By: Joey

    While you can probably get away with installing the exhaust by itself, we certainly recommend that you adjust fueling to suit. This way, you'll get the best possible throttle response and engine performance. Basically, any time you change the way air gets into or out of, the motor, you'll want to adjust fueling appropriately to maximize any performance gains available from the new setup.

    By: Staff

  • I have a 1980 Honda CB750F, does this exhaust come with the flanges?

    By: Anthony

    MAC's exhaust for the 1980 Honda CB750F does not come with flanges. You are to re-use the OEM Honda flanges in order to fit this exhaust system to your bike.

    By: Staff

  • Will a 4into 1 off of 1982 cb750 work on the 1982 cb 650

    By: Guest

    No - the two machines use different exhausts and therefor, you would not be able to swap the systems between them.

    By: Staff

  • Is the muffler removable from the headers?

    I'm looking to buy these for an 82 cb900f supersport and would like to know if the muffler is easily removable from the headers. Is it a slip on type of muffler or is it permanently secured to the headers?

    By: Guest

    Yes, the muffler is supplied as a separate component from the headers. In the case of the MAC exhaust for the 1982 Honda CB900F, the muffler portion includes the link pipe that's attached just behind the primary collector. The CB900F muffler is easily removable by loosening the clamp bolt that holds it to the header and removing the bolt that holds the muffler itself to the bike's frame.

    By: Staff

  • what items are included in this system?

    i'm looking to buy this system for an 82 cb900f and am wondering exactly what will be included in the kit when i buy it so i know if there's anything extra i need to purchase for it (ex. if the joint collars arent included, do y'all have any in stock that can be added to the order??)

    By: wiegand

    Basically, the exhaust includes everything from the muffler to the primary header pipes. There are no gaskets included with the kit. You are to re-use the OEM exhaust valve gaskets as well as the OEM header flanges. In addition, the OEM bolts will be re-used to install the pipe. So long as you have the original exhaust on the bike and all the fasteners that are used to secure it to the machine, you should have no problems installing this exhaust.

    One thing you'll certainly want to consider is jetting the CB900F carburetors to match this particular exhaust. We have a Dynojet carburetor CB900F jet kit that includes everything you need to accomplish this task. In this way, you can be assured maximum engine performance as well as excellent throttle response. Best of all, the instructions that come with the jet kit do an excellent job of helping you get an excellent baseline for fuel delivery.

    By: Staff

  • Would this exhaust system fit a 1980 GS1100E?

    By: Mike

    No, this particular MAC exhaust will not fit the 1980 GS1100E. It will only fit a 1981 or newer model year GS1100E. We do have two other exhaust options for that particular bike available in our store in the form of the MAC Megaphone Full Exhaust System as well as the Vance & Hines Megaphone Full Exhaust System.

    By: Staff

  • I have a 81 cb750c honda. ...wanting this exhaust, ,,do u make one for my year of bike

    By: Clay

    Unfortunately, MAC doesn't produce a Canister Full Exhaust System to fit the 1981 Honda CB750C. We do, however, have a two other complete exhausts that will fit that bike. They are:

    MAC Megaphone Full Exhaust System


    MAC Turnouts Full Exhaust System

    Either of those 1981 Honda CB750C exhausts will bolt straight up to the machine without issue.

    By: Staff

  • Do the xj650 exhaust systems fit the xj550?

    By: Terry O.

    If you're referring to the Maxim models, unfortunately no - MAC doesn't produce a Canister exhaust system to fit the XJ550 Maxim. The only exhaust we can get to fit that particular bike is in the form of the MAC Megaphone Full Exhaust System. Provided you have a 1981-1983 model year XJ550 Maxim, you should have no problem fitting the Megaphone full exhaust system to your bike.

    By: Staff

  • Will this exhaust also fit the 1995 - 2003 Nighthawk 750's?

    By: Jake

    Unfortunately, no - MAC doesn't produce any exhausts to fit the newer Nighthawk 750 models from Honda. The only exhaust we have to fit comes in the form of the Nighthawk 750 Vance & Hines Megaphone 4-into-1 Full Exhaust System.

    By: Staff

  • is there a jet kit for a 1980 yamaha xj650 for this exaust system

    By: ken

    Yes, we do have a Dynojet jet kit available to fit the 1980 Yamaha XJ650. It comes in stage 1 or stage 3 varieties. It has everything you need to properly jet the XJ650 to work with that MAC exhaust.

    By: Staff

  • Will This fit a 1980 cb750 custom?

    By: Guest

    MAC doesn't produce a Canister full exhaust system to fit the 1980 CB750. IF you're looking for a CB750 exhaust system, check out the MAC Magaphone CB750 exhaust and the MAC CB750 Turnouts full exhaust system.

    By: Staff

  • will this fit a 82 maxim 750??

    I read on some forums that the diameters of the inner pipes of the headers differ slightly between the two bikes, is this true?

    By: Guest

    MAC's Canister exhaust system will indeed fit the 1982 Yamaha XJ750 Maxim without issue. The pipes are made specifically for the model you select from our fit guide.

    By: Staff

  • Will this fit a 1982 xj550rj seca?

    By: Guest

    The only 1982 Yamaha XJ550R exhaust we have comes in the form of the MAC Megaphone Full Exhaust System 550 Seca exhaust system.

    By: Staff

  • does this header fit on a 1978 kz650

    By: dave

    So long as it's a KZ650B, KZ650C or KZ650D variant that you have, you won't have any problems fitting this exhaust to your bike. Just be sure to choose your exact machine from the fit guide that's immediately to the right of the main image so as to get the correct exhaust for your bike.

    By: Staff

  • Will it fit nighthawk 750 1992

    By: Guest

    Yes, we do have MAC Canister exhaust system to fit 1992 Nighthawk 750. Just choose the 1991 Honda CB750 Nighthawk 750 from our fit guide and you'll be all set!

    By: Staff

  • Will the got on my 1993 Honda Nighthawk cb750

    By: ccSniper 1776

    So long as you select the 1993 Honda CB750 Nighthawk 750 MAC exhaust system from our fit guide, you will receive the proper MAC exhaust to fit that machine. It's designed to bolt straight onto the bike without issue.

    By: Staff