EVS Youth R4 Pro Race Collar

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EVS Youth R4 Pro Race Collar

We took our proven race collar technology and stepped it up to the next level. The new R4 Pro improves upon existing lightweight feel and incredible fit by incorporating the use of carbon fiber, high impact injection grade bio-foam and an all new innovative air bladder shock absorption system. In addition, we improved the harnessing system by providing an all new bi-lateral torso strapping system.

  • Minimizes risk of axial compression, hyperflexion, hyperextension and lateral hyperflexion
  • Easy front entry system
  • Provides amazing range of motion of head
  • Soft rubberized edges for increased comfort
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Works well with most chest protectors
  • Ultra lightweight and low profile

Rapid Lock Front Closure

  • Makes getting in and out of the collar fast, easy and safe

Carbon Fiber Top Cap

  • Absorbs and disperses energy to the bio-foam and air bladder system

Integrated Air Bladder Shock Absorbing

  • Eases the tension on shoulders / spine when faced with direct impact from helmet
  • Deflects and absorbs the impact energy through a deformation that uses energy, while also dispersing energy, thereby evening out the forces across the body naturally

Adjustable Rear Strut

  • Offers adjustments of 10-12 degrees between pin locations for a more customized fit

Rear Axial Load Absorber Tail

  • Transfers impact energy across width of shoulders instead of blunt force to spine

Bio-Foam Liner

  • Serves as an extra layer of absorption while offering added comfort
  • Removable/washable

Bi-lateral torso strapping system (X-Strap Harness)

  • Ensures a safe, secure fit throughout the entire duration of your ride

Spec Details
Age Youth
Color Black
Gender Unisex
Size One Size
Sizing Specifications For Riders under 105 lbs. / Under 5'3"

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