Diag4 Bike EFI Tuning System Basic Tuning Dongle

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Diag4 Bike

Diag4 Bike EFI Tuning System Basic Tuning Dongle


  • The tuning system is intended for Harley-Davidson engines equipped with DELPHI EFI (diagnostic communication J1850 or CAN BUS)
  • The tuning system is integrated into the software of the diagnostic system DIAG4BIKE, the basic tuning software DIAG4TUNE is  included as aFREEoption in the diagnostic software versions 12 and later. To tune an individual motorcycle a TUNING DONGLE must be purchased that can be used for that specific motorcycle.
  • The tuning process does not require the installation of additional component(s) or anymotorcycle harness modification.Tuning is achieved through modification of the EFI Calibrations (software modification/reflash) exclusively via the diagnostic connector.
  • The first step in TUNING is saving of the original EFI calibration.The tuning operator can restore the original EFI Calibration at any time during tuning process (stock calibration)
  • The tuning process is used to optimize FUEL MAPSto accommodate any changes to the configuration of engine components or accessories (exhaust or/and intake system etc.)


Basic Tuning Dongle

The Basic Tuning Dongle enablesEASY MODEin the tuning software.EASY MODEprovides the ability to adjust fuel trim tables, acceleration enrichment and spark advance tables manually in a limited range of +/- 20%. Closed loop mode can be switched on or off and Throttle By Wire speed up function can be activated (crisper response). Other functions are restricted.

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Country Of Origin Czech Republic

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