Moose Expedition Top Case

Item Number: 357609

Universal Fit – Review specifications carefully.

Product Description

Moose Racing

Moose Expedition Top Case

  • Strong 6061 aluminum construction with 1.5mm thick walls that have been heat-treated to remove stress and improve durability
  • All components are pre-finished to be defect-free before assembly with stainless and aluminum rivets
  • Sliding, stainless steel hinges permit complete lid removal for superb cargo access
  • Innovative latch accepts optional tumbler-style key inserts that can be ordered to match your side case locks (or simply use conventional padlocks)
  • Composite-material corner bumpers offer lash-down and accessory mounting points
  • Matches the Moose Expedition Aluminum Side Cases perfectly
  • Lids have an internal gasket and lip system, along with a hardy sealant applied during wall construction, to make each bag a protective capsule from the elements
  • Each case comes with a lid organizer
  • A variety of accessories are available; storage cubes, liners, lid organizers and strap systems
  • Basic mounting can be done using the universal mount
  • For a refined installation, use the optional model specific adapter system

Spec Details
Color Varies (make selection above)
Dimensions Varies (make selection above)
Finish Powder Coated
Material Aluminum
Size Varies (make selection above)

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