Cobra Slashcut Slip-On Exhaust

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Cobra Slashcut Slip-On Exhaust

  • Cobra has been building the best cruiser exhausts for more than 25 years
  • Nothing sounds better than Cobra exhausts with perfected fit and finish
  • Triple-chromed finish for lasting good looks
  • Retain your motorcycle's stock headpipes with Cobra Slip-Ons
  • Improve the sound and performance of your bike
  • Manufactured to the same standards as Cobra's full exhaust systems
  • Easy to understand instructions and all required mounting hardware included with each kit
  • Made in the USA

Spec Details
Baffles Included Yes, Non-removable
Configuration Varies (make selection above)
Country of Origin USA
Exhaust Diameter 3-1/2 in.
Material Steel
Muffler Sleeve Chrome

Vehicle Fitment

Fitment is guaranteed or your money back plus free return shipping. Don't waste time installing a product that doesn't fit. We worked hard ensuring that this product is an exact fit on the vehicles listed below.


  • VF750C V45 Magna 1994-2003
  • VT1100C Shadow 1100 Spirit 1998-2007
  • VTX1300C 2004-2009
  • VTX1300R 2005-2009
  • VTX1300S 2003-2007
  • VTX1300T 2008-2009
  • VTX1800F 2005-2008
  • VTX1800N 2004-2008
  • VTX1800R 2002-2007
  • VTX1800S 2002-2006
  • VTX1800T 2008


  • VN1500A Vulcan 88 1987-1995
  • VN1500A Vulcan 1500 1996-1999
  • VN1500C Vulcan 1500 L 1996-1997


  • VZ800 Marauder 800 1999-2004


  • VMX1200 VMAX 1985-1986, 1988-2007
  • XV750 Virago 750 1981-1983, 1988-1997
  • XV1100 Virago 1100 1986-1999
  • XV1600A Road Star 1600 1999-2003
  • XV1600AL Road Star 1600 Limited Edition 2003
  • XV1600AS Road Star 1600 MM 1999-2000
  • XV1600AS Road Star 1600 Midnight Star 2001-2003
  • XV1600AT Road Star 1600 Silverado 1999-2003
  • XV1700A Road Star 1700 2004-2009
  • XV1700AM Road Star 1700 Midnight 2004-2007
  • XV1700AS Road Star 1700 S 2008-2014
  • XV1700AT Road Star 1700 Silverado 2004-2010
  • XV1700ATM Road Star 1700 Midnight Silverado 2004-2007
  • XV1700ATS Road Star 1700 Silverado S 2008-2014
  • XVS1100 V-Star 1100 Custom 2000-2009
  • XVS1100A V-Star 1100 Classic 2000-2009

Customer Reviews

Great purchase!

out of 5
5 stars

By on May 15, 2016

This was a great purchase and was very easy to put on myself. It took about 45 minutes and it looks and sounds great. Didn't even have to rejet it. Definitely added some sound!

5 stars
5 stars

Cobra Slashcut Slip-On Exhaust

out of 5
5 stars

By on August 27, 2016

Extremely fast shipping. Cobra slip ons look great and sound amazing, even better than I expected! Very easy to install on VTX 1300c! Took about 30 minutes in the driveway! Highly recommend!

4 stars
5 stars

Cobra Slashcut Slipons

out of 5
5 stars

By on May 25, 2016

I searched all over for days to find some decent exhaust for my 08 V Star 1100. Found it, great product!

5 stars
5 stars

Great Price Fit Sound & Customer Service!

out of 5
5 stars

By on October 12, 2016

I usually shy away from reviews however my expectations were exceeded with this purchase. This is a great product, perfect fit, and at a great price. The order was processed and shipped immediately. Thanks I will be doing more business with you in the future!

5 stars
5 stars

Excellent - meets all expectations.

out of 5
5 stars

By on November 26, 2016

Used two double barrel longs and these were a change in appearance and sound. Turns out they look great and sound great on my 2012 Road Star.

5 stars
5 stars

Questions & Answers

  • do you have to rejet your carb with this item

    By: mike

    While you can probably get away with installing the exhaust by itself, we certainly recommend that you adjust fueling to suit. This way, you'll get the best possible throttle response and engine performance. Basically, any time you change the way air gets into or out of, the motor, you'll want to adjust fueling appropriately to maximize any performance gains available from the new setup.

    The good news is that Cobra makes a slew of jet kits that are a perfect match for their exhausts. Simply search our store for "Cobra Carburetor Jet Kit" and select your machine to see what we have for your needs.

    By: Staff

  • Try

    Trying to decide between a slip on or full exhaust for performance and sound. Id like it to definitely have an increase in sound but not crazy loud. I ride an 06 Yamaha roadstar 1700

    By: Joe

    For the '06 Road Star 1700 exhaust, most of the noise damping that's done by the stock exhaust system is due to the mufflers themselves, not the headers. The headers are a pretty straight-forward affair as they just direct the gases to the mufflers without any noise-damping or catalyzing materials within. The Yamaha Road Star exhaust employs a series of chambers within each muffler that move exhaust gases back and forth (literally) within a set of chambers to deaden the sound output to street-compliant levels.

    With certainty, the Cobra mufflers associated with your question will be louder than stock, but of course, won't provide as great a performance benefit as going with a full exhaust system. The Road Star's headers are designed more for inexpensive manufacturing rather than outright performance. That said, if you're looking for the best possible balance of performance with an eye towards a good (but not annoyingly-loud) sound - then you'll want to find an exhaust that's as long as possible.

    To that end, I have a few options for you:

    Vance & Hines Longshots Original Exhaust System

    Cobra Speedster Slashdown Exhaust System

    And if you a two-into-one exhaust, check out the Cobra Power Pro HP 2-into-1 Exhaust System

    All of these exhausts provide a good measure of performance without being annoyingly loud.

    Also, let's not forget that you'll need to adjust fueling to suit any new exhaust you put on your bike. For the Cobra exhaust, we recommend a Cobra Carburetor Jet Kit and for the Vance & Hines, your best bet would be to get the Dynojet Jet kit. Both kits come with everything you need to get the most out of whichever exhaust it is that you choose.

    By: Staff

  • Vulcan 1996 VN1500A; my question is with the cobra slip-ons, will they eliminate the catalytic converter box?

    By: ron

    Yes, when fitting this slip-on exhaust to your machine, it does indeed eliminate the catalytic converter!

    By: Staff

  • Is the quantity (1) mean 1 individual Muffler, or 1 pair?

    By: Chris

    Cobra's Slashcut slip-on mufflers are designed to replace all of the OEM mufflers on the model you select. If your machine was fitted with four mufflers from the factory, as is the case with the Honda Magna and Yamaha V-Max, then you would receive four mufflers with your purchase. If your bike came with two mufflers on it from the factory, then you would receive two mufflers in the box.

    By: Staff

  • Are these the stock exhaust pipes with the 2006 1300 VTX R?

    By: Jeff

    Cobra's slip-on mufflers are designed to bolt onto the OEM headers for a 2006 model year Honda VTX1300R, but the mufflers themselves are not of the stock design. Their internals are designed to flow more gases than stock in an effort to improve throttle response, engine performance and increase sound output.

    By: Staff

  • Can I remove the baffles

    By: Guest

    Cobra Slashcut slip-on mufflers come with baffles welded-in. Consequently, it isn't possible to remove them. If you're look for a slip-on exhaust with removable baffles, check out the Cobra Slip-On mufflers. They all come with removable baffles that are held in place with a simple bolt which makes installing or removing them a simple affair.

    By: Staff

  • Deep & Throaty w/o Losing Hearing .....

    Similar to Joe's question regarding his Roadstar, I would like a deep, throaty sound from my 2005 V-Star 1100 Custom (non-CA), but I do not want it to be so loud. Is there a decent alternative? Thanks ..... Rodeo

    By: Rodeo

    For your particular case, you may be pleased with the installation of the Slashcut slip-ons since most of the sound damping is done within the stock mufflers. If you found that the mufflers weren't loud enough, you'd have to option of removing the baffles that come with the mufflers. Of course, sound being a rather subjective matter, it's hard to say for sure if this, or any other exhaust component we have to fit your bike will be suitable to your needs. No doubt, however, you will get a stronger rumble out of your bike using these Cobra slip-ons.

    By: Staff

  • So is says this exhaust will fit my o6 Suzuki boulevard S50 but I have single exhaust pipes on both sides, do these slip ons also convert on pip to the other side? Thus both pipes are now in one side?????

    By: Johnny paz

    Cobra does not produce any exhausts to fit Suzuki S50 models. The only exhaust we have to fit that machine comes in the form of a Vance & Hines Classic II Slip-On Exhaust. That particular slip-on exhaust kit comes with two mufflers, one for each side.

    By: Staff