S&S Crankcase Oil Passage Drill Jig

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S&S Crankcase Oil Passage Drill Jig

The S&S crankcase oil passage drilling jig is used to perform crankcase drilling modifications when installing an S&S oil pump assembly on early Big Twin crankcases. Made of hardened steel for durability, this fixture enables the builder to do four modifications.

Drill jig is used to drill:

  • Primary chain oil supply passage from the breather valve gear cavity to the back side of the oil pump body on late generator and early alternator crankcases
  • Pressure relief passage from behind the main oil pressure valve to the gear cavity on alternator crankcases
  • Crankshaft and main bearings supply passage on generator crankcases
  • Crankshaft and main bearings supply passage on early alternator crankcases

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Country of Origin USA
Material Steel

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Questions & Answers

  • what are all the holes for on the jig and where do they go . how many holes do I need to drill on a 1973 shovel head with belt drive

    By: vince

    The largest holes are used for securing the jig to the crankcase itself. In the case of a '73 Shovelhead engine, you'll need to drill a pressure relief valve hole on the same face that the oil pump is affixed. Because the hole needs to be drilled at an oblique angle, the jig is a really nice tool to have for the job and leaves no doubt that the hole's position and angle are correct.

    By: Staff