K&S Universal Multi-Function Handlebar Switch

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Universal Fit – Review specifications carefully.

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Product Description

K&S Technologies

K&S Universal Multi-Function Handlebar Switch

  • Features on/off, hi/low, turn signal and horn or kill switch functions
  • Includes nine wires measuring 21-1/2" long
  • Switch measures 28.5mm
  • Includes extra set of terminals
  • Fits 7/8" handlebar

Spec Details
Handlebar Diameter 7/8 in.

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Questions & Answers

  • What ga. is the wiring and are there instructions?

    By: Nighttrain

    The wire gauge is 18-20 and includes extra terminals.

    This switch will include a wiring key that denotes each wire color and its specific function. In this case, it's wired as such:

    Yellow = Headlight Main

    Dark Blue = High Beam

    White = Low Beam

    Gray = Turn Signal Main

    Orange = Left Turn Signal

    Light Blue = Right Turn Signal

    Light Green = Horn or Kill Switch

    Black = Horn or Kill Switch

    Dark Green = High Beam Ground (LED Indicator)

    By: Staff