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About EPI Performance

Founded by ATV enthusiasts for ATV enthusiasts, EPI, or Erlandson Performance as it was previously known - focuses on building the kind of parts you want on your machine. Aimed at fun in the woods, on the trails or in the desert, every part from EPI is tested by the same people who design them to make sure performance goals are met in an effort to satisfy the most demanding of riders.


Starting out as a basement operation making clutch kits for snowmobiles and ATVs back in 1991, the company's popularity outgrew what was happening at the bottom of the cellar steps pretty quickly. Soon, working out of a proper facility in Minnesota, EPI began producing all kinds of driveline components. Items like ATV brake pads, UTV drive belts, offroad universal joints and more. All of these products are designed to help your machine perform best over a wide range of riding conditions.

It's quite conceivable that a discerning rider could completely revamp an older machine exclusively using EPI performance parts. Bearings, motor mounts, even the tools for getting at the clutch, are all available in the EPI catalog. With all of that, a vintage sled or four-wheeler could certainly be brought back up to top specification using just EPI parts!