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Progressive Suspension

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About Progressive Suspension

Ground-up custom? Rebuilding a barn find? Just dialing in your favorite ride? Progressive Suspension has a full line of shocks, cartridge kits, chassis stabilizers, lowering kits, fork springs, and components – including the appropriate pumps, gauges, and tools -- for bikes dating all the way back to the 50's. Progressive systems are lab-engineered and field-tested for ideal performance, and each component is rigorously inspected before it leaves the factory.

New fork springs and cartridges can improve your bike's handling by reducing fork dive, enhancing front end stability, and preventing bottoming out, all while smoothing out the small bumps. And Progressive shocks are preload adjustable, which means custom tunability for individual bike and rider weights. By utilizing varied spacing spring coils, progressive-rate springs become stiffer as they're compressed, resulting in a spring that is supple enough to soak up small bumps, yet firm enough to handle a big hit.

The bottom line is, you don’t know what good suspension is until you’ve ridden on it. Your bike will stop and turn better while keeping the straights nice n’ smooth.