About Saddlemen

Motorcycle seats crack. They split. They get soaked, they dry out, get soaked again, and then bake endlessly in the sun for weeks at a time. Seats compressed for hours and hours. They get snagged, scuffed, and scarred; seats get bungeed, beaten, and broken in. Fact is, outside of the engine and tires, it's safe to say your motorcycle's seat takes more abuse than just about any other component on your bike. And no, duct tape is not the final answer! One of the most respected names in aftermarket motorcycle seats, Saddlemen is owned by and staffed with riders -- and its products reflect its dedication to the lifestyle. Whether you're looking for a new saddle for your cruiser or a new perch for your dual-sport, Saddlemen seats deliver quality and value for every marque from Aprilia to Yamaha with more than 350 models for Harley-Davidson alone. Moreover, all Saddlemen seats are treated to the company's patented Integrated Design Philosophy. Instead of a "one style fits all" design, IDP incorporates styling cues from each particular motorcycle into the contours and patterns of each individual saddle, resulting in a seat that looks and fits perfect on any bike, every time. But Saddlemen is more than just seats. Saddlemen offers premier luggage for most every bike in every segment, including rack- and sissy bar-mounted bags, tank and trunk bags, seat and tail packs, saddlebags and panniers, handlebar and windshield bags for tourers -- even fork mounted tool bags for street customs. And Saddlemen's array of accessories, such as gel pads and fender chaps, are held to the same high standards as the company's seats and luggage.

Quick Fact

Saddlemen seats earned their reputation by providing superior support, particularly in thinner seats and harder pans where foam alone is not enough. A molded solid with fluid-like properties, SaddleGel does not move around like water in a plastic bag; instead, combined with Saddlemen's Progressive Density Foam (Pd-F), it isolates engine and road vibration and eliminates pressure points by distributing weight evenly across the surface of the seat. No matter if you're touring the country, cruising the boulevard, or conquering off-road terrain, Saddlemen seats respond quickly to dynamic conditions, producing a seat core ideally suited for each riding mission.