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Pro Taper

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About Pro Taper

What do you look for in a MX handlebar: more control? Or more comfort? With Pro Taper, you don't have to choose, and you never have to compromise.

With a wide variety of bends and styles, Pro Taper bars allow you to customize for individual arm length and rider height, improving your riding position and delivering more comfort and control over stock. The oversize diameter Contour, Pro Taper's best selling handlebar, provides better grip and diminishes fatigue by allowing more flex to better absorb impact. The Contour is up to 20% lighter than other bars, yet up to 40% stronger. The revolutionary Fuzion features a flex locking system that allows you to choose between a stiffer handlebar feel or a softer, more shock-absorbing feel depending on terrain conditions. Best of all, changing the bar from Locked to Unlocked takes only seconds. Various handlebar accessories, including bar pads and rubber and solid handlebar mounts, further augment rider comfort and safety.

Pro Taper's precision-engineered sprockets are designed to self-clean and last, and the company's clutch levers and throttle tubes protect moving parts from dirt via sealed ball bearings and/or a Teflon coating.

Pro Taper. Comfort and control without compromise.