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Giant Loop

About Giant Loop

Built to handle the most extreme of dirtbiking adventures. Giant Loop's array of motorcycle luggage are made light, to fast, and go far. Made of what Giant Loop calls their "Bomb Shell" material, a rugged coated vinyl fabric, some areas of which are reinforced nylon impact zones, every bag from Giant Loop has a distinct feel that exudes quality. There are no holes punched in the fabric, either. Every bag is RF, radio-frequency welded, connecting individual pieces together in way that's often stronger than the material itself. In this way, waterproofing is all but assured, lest a careless rider fails to close up the open end properly. That is to say, if the gear inside gets wet, it's probably your fault!

Most Giant Loop motorcycle bags come with straps that are easily adjustable to fit a wide range of riding needs. From skinny dirtbike fenders all the way up to Fat Boy gas tanks, there's a Giant Loop bag ready for you. Most bags are built for hauling the usual commodities, spare chow, tools, or even clothing, but Giant Loop also makes the Armadillo liquid reservoir bag. Suitable for gas and diesel fuel, this bag can be extremely handy in situations where your main source of fuel might not be enough. However you ride, Giant Loop will help you keep it light, keep it fast and go far!