Cobra Passenger Floorboards

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Cobra Passenger Floorboards

Make your passengers smile with Cobra's Billet Rear Floorboards. CNC machined from aircraft aluminum with rubber inserts and folding mounts.

  • A more forward foot position
  • Bright chrome finish
  • Rubber foot insert matches Cobra front floorboards for added style
  • Easy to understand instructions and all required mounting hardware included with each kit
  • Made in the USA

Spec Details
Country of Origin USA
Finish Chrome
Material Aluminum
Position Passenger
Quantity Pair
Warranty Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty

Vehicle Fitment

Fitment is guaranteed or your money back plus free return shipping. Don't waste time installing a product that doesn't fit. We worked hard ensuring that this product is an exact fit on the vehicles listed below.


  • GL1500C Valkyrie 1997-2003
  • GL1500CD Valkyrie Deluxe 2001-2003
  • GL1500CF Valkyrie Interstate 1999-2001
  • GL1500CT Valkyrie Tourer 1998-2000
  • VT750C Shadow 750 Aero 2004-2007
  • VT1100C2 Shadow 1100 A.C.E. 1995-1999
  • VT1100C2 Shadow 1100 Sabre 2000-2007
  • VT1100CS Shadow 1100 A.C.E. 1998
  • VT1100D2 Shadow 1100 A.C.E. 1999
  • VTX1300C 2004-2009
  • VTX1300R 2005-2009
  • VTX1300S 2003-2007
  • VTX1800C 2002-2004
  • VTX1800R 2002-2007
  • VTX1800S 2002-2006


  • VN1500D Vulcan 1500 Classic 1996-1997
  • VN1500E Vulcan 1500 Classic 1998-2004
  • VN1500N Vulcan 1500 Classic Fi 2000-2008
  • VN2000D Vulcan 2000 Limited 2005-2006
  • VN2000E Vulcan 2000 Classic 2006-2007
  • VN2000F Vulcan 2000 Classic LT 2006-2007
  • VN2000H Vulcan 2000 Classic 2008-2009
  • VN2000J Vulcan 2000 Classic LT 2008-2010


  • VL1500 Boulevard C90 2005-2009
  • VL1500 Intruder 1500 1998-2004
  • VZR1800 Boulevard M109R 2006-2009, 2011-2014


  • XV1600A Road Star 1600 1999-2003
  • XV1600AL Road Star 1600 Limited Edition 2003
  • XV1600AS Road Star 1600 MM 1999-2000
  • XV1600AS Road Star 1600 Midnight Star 2001-2003
  • XV1600AT Road Star 1600 Silverado 1999-2003
  • XV1700A Road Star 1700 2004-2009
  • XV1700AM Road Star 1700 Midnight 2004-2007
  • XV1700AS Road Star 1700 S 2008-2014
  • XV1700AT Road Star 1700 Silverado 2004-2010
  • XV1700ATM Road Star 1700 Midnight Silverado 2004-2007
  • XV1700ATS Road Star 1700 Silverado S 2008-2014
  • XV1900 Roadliner 2006-2007
  • XV1900CT Stratoliner 2006-2007, 2009
  • XV1900CT Stratoliner Deluxe 2010-2012, 2014
  • XV1900CTM Stratoliner Midnight 2006-2008
  • XV1900CTS Stratoliner S 2006-2010, 2012-2014
  • XV1900M Roadliner Midnight 2006-2009
  • XV1900S Roadliner S 2006-2010, 2012-2014
  • XVS1100 V-Star 1100 Custom 2000-2009
  • XVS1100A V-Star 1100 Classic 2000-2009
  • XVS1300A V-Star 1300 2007-2009, 2011-2014

Customer Reviews

Back Floorboards

out of 5
5 stars

By on July 20, 2017

Perfect, the wife loves them

5 stars
5 stars

Satisfied rider

out of 5
5 stars

By on July 30, 2018

My gal loves this product. Much more comfortable ride and getting on is easier. .

5 stars
5 stars

These seem to be nice quality.

out of 5
5 stars

By on January 10, 2020

I really like these Cobra passenger floorboards. My wife loves the forward foot position. I did mess up though and grinned the frame's two metal factory anti-turn stubs (one on each side) that were there to keep the pegs/boards from rotating under pressure. It would've helped to have instructions, although installation is easy. I guess I was too excited to get them on and didn't see the little holes that were on the boards to line up with the pegs. I did try the fit first, but just didn't get it lined up to notice there were holes. So far, the boards are staying put, but I know it needs to be right.

4 stars
5 stars

Not for Valkyrie Interstate

out of 5
2 stars

By on May 20, 2020

I bought a pair of these Cobra Passenger floorboards. Had same on Shadow. Wife insisted on pair for Valkyrie. I do not like them because they tend to trap my legs behind the driver's pegs. With passenger on board, I have to keep my legs out away from the bike or risk getting hit in calf while balancing or duck-walking to /from a stop. I may have to move driver's pegs or get boards, too.

2 stars
2 stars

Questions & Answers

  • Will these fit a1995 Honda shadow ace vt 1100

    By: Guest

    Yes, these Cobra passenger floorboards will indeed fit your 1995 Honda Shadow VT1100C2 Shadow A.C.E.

    By: Staff

  • do these come with mounts to fit the specific bike

    By: jim

    Yes, everything you need to install these passenger floorboards on your machine is included. You will find model-specific mounts along with easy-to-follow installation instructions in the box. There's no need to purchase additional hardware to fit them to any bike you find in our fit guide.

    By: Staff

  • Will this fit the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 classic? Do i need to modified or do anything for the board to fit?

    By: Lopez

    Cobra passenger floorboards for the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 will bolt straight onto the OEM passenger peg mounts. Everything you need for a perfect fit is included in the box - there's no need to order additional parts.

    By: Staff

  • Will these fit a Honda spirit 1100 vt

    By: Guest

    Yes, Cobra Passenger Floorboards are available to fit the 1999 through 2007 model year Honda VT1100C Shadow 1100 Spirit.

    By: Staff

  • Does the mounting hardware push the floor boards ahead some? I'm concerned they will interfere with my saddle bags. I have a 2008 Yamaha V-Star Classic.

    By: Lt101

    For the 2009 V-Star 1100 Classic floorboards, the actual mount is centered below the board. The board runs approximately four inches backwards from that point and the same amount going forward from the center of the peg mount.

    By: Staff

  • Will passenger floorboards clear saddlebags on 2008 Suzuki C90?

    By: Sam

    So long as it's the OEM saddlebags that you have on your machine, you should have no problem fitting these passenger floorboards to any bike you select from our fit guide, including the 2009 Suzuki C90.

    By: Staff

  • Will these interfere with OEM saddle bags on a VTX 1800R?

    By: Joe

    Cobra's floorboards for the VT1800R will not interfere with the Honda catalog saddlebags. In fact, these passenger floorboards were carefully designed to position most of the extra foot space forward of the OEM passenger footpegs. You should have no problem installing these 'boards on your Honda.

    By: Staff

  • Will these fit a 2008 Suzuki Boulevard C109RT?

    By: Jason

    Yes, the C109R passenger floorboards your'e asking about will certainly fit the 2008 Suzuki C109RT variant. Simply choose the 2008 C109RT from our fit guide and we'll get the correct floorboards to fit your machine on their way to you.

    By: Staff

  • Will these fit my 2009 Honda vtx 1300r because it not giving me the option for the r just the c

    By: Dan

    We do have them for the 2009 Honda simply click the [Change Vehicle] button to the right of your selected model and you should then be able to choose. Honda, 2009 and then your VTX1300R model.

    By: Staff

  • does it fit a 1300c vtx

    By: gerald

    Yes, if you were to select the Honda VTX1300C passenger floorboards from our fit guide, you'd receive the correct parts to fit your bike.

    By: Staff