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Motul 300V Synthetic 4T Motor Oil

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Motul 300V Synthetic 4T Motor Oil

100% synthetic racing lubricant based on Double Ester-Technology. Standard viscosity grade. High HTHS-viscosity enables reliable protection even under severe conditions. JASO MA compliant. For use in race bikes fitted with high performance 4 stroke engines, integrated gearbox or not, wet or dry clutch, race engines, qualifying engines running at high temperature, over a wide rpm range: speed bikes, SuperSport, SuperBike, endurance, uphill races, dirt bikes, MX, enduro, trials. Other uses: street bikes, scooters, ATV, mopeds fitted with catalytic converters.


Extra engine power up to 3%: Double Ester technology. Tribologic tests performed put in evidence low traction coefficient of chosen polymer and complex Esters. Low traction coefficient reduces engine internal friction and then increase power output.

  • Engine protection: 0% shear loss on Bosch test ASTM D6278
  • Gearbox protection: shear resistance improved by 66% on KRL 20 hours tests (CEC L-45-A-99) test originally set up for gearbox lubricants, 10 times more severe than Bosch test.
  • Extra power at the rear wheel: Wet clutch lock up improvement.

Better rev raising, better engine response, maximum engine power.


Oil change: According to your own use. Can be mixed with synthetic or mineral lubricants.

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Motul is top notch!

By   on  Verified Purchaser

Best oil for my bikes and the best price around.

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I used motul every oil change except the last 2 I had to use rotella 15 w40 I am switching back to motul do I need to flush the engine

When switching oils, there's almost always no need to flush out the engine. Motul even indicates that this particular kind of engine oil can be mixed with synthetic or mineral-based oils without issue. You should have no problem using this oil in your bike, even after using Rotella.

By Staff
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