Koso GPS Speed Signal Converter Kit

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Koso GPS Speed Signal Converter Kit

Whether it is a question of appearance, such as those who don't want visible wires on their fork nor magnets on the wheel, or a question of functionality - this GPS speed signal converter kit offers more installation options for those using a Koso instrument meter system of any kind.

  • Some Koso applications require different alternatives from the conventional speed sensor that is installed on the wheel
  • Its 66 inch-long satellite antenna will capture the GPS signal, and the converter will transfer it into a pulse signal that will communicate with the speedometer
  • Simple, yet versatile accessory that is the future of GPS speed signal converters
  • Only for use with Koso speedometer instruments

Product Note: Only for use with Koso speedometer instruments.

Spec Details
Cable Length 66 in.

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Questions & Answers

  • Will this item work with my cable driven analog speedometer?

    By: Donnie

    No, this particular signal converter is only designed to work on machines that use a Koso digital instrument of some sort. It can't be used as a replacement for a stock speed sensor on a machine that's fitted with the stock speedometer. It only works with Koso instruments.

    By: Staff