BikeMaster Pneumatic Motorcycle & ATV Brake Fluid Bleeder

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Universal Fit – Review specifications carefully.

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BikeMaster Pneumatic Motorcycle & ATV Brake Fluid Bleeder

  • Quick and easy way to bleed those stubborn brake lines
  • Takes less time to extract air bubbles from the brake and clutch system system
  • Catch bottle has 1 liter capacity
  • Dual attachment allows you to bleed dual disc applications
  • Recommended for use on 70-110 psi air line
  • A must have for the tool box
  • Comes with details instructions

Customer Reviews

Awesome! Brakes work like new!

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5 stars

By on April 21, 2019

Worked exactly as I had hoped. Worked perfectly on the wife’s 2010 Harley Davidson FLHXXX trike, both front and rear hydraulic brakes. Pulled a full 28 ounces of fluid through the lines clearing out the old moisture saturated fluid and all the bubbles. I had replaced her rear discs and pads last fall but still had a soft pedal. This full flush did the trick. Brakes work like new now! Great price for a great product.

5 stars
5 stars

Questions & Answers

  • Does this come with directions on how to properly use ?

    I have a 2010 Limited FLHTK Harley - Davidson, getting ready to change front brake lines that have abs on it, figured this looks good to get rid of air I will have in system

    By: Wolverine5873

    Yessir, there are indeed instructions included with the bleeder that'll tell you exactly how to use the device.

    All you need is an airline that provides 70-110 psi and you're all set!

    By: Staff