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About Abus

ABUS came on the market strong, a fitting attribute for a lock company, with "The Iron Rock" as their product. A robust padlock by design, it set the standard for all ABUS locks to come. Around the time of the great depression, ABUS focused on building locks for bicycles due to their resurgence in popularity after das auto had become unaffordable to all but the wealthiest of individuals. It was then the ABUS came up with the chain lock no. 1000 - a padlock assembly attached to a chain on both sides. It was perfect for bicycles.

Having found a niche in the two-wheel bike lock world, ABUS invented the preeminent motorcycle lock - the U-Lock design, in 1964. This design, with its long, tall shackle, revolutionized the bicycle and motorcycle lock market and is omnipotent in the world today. The U-shape allows one to easily pass a lock around a frame and then anchor the bike to a solid object like a post or pole.

All ABUS locks are designed and tested in-house to meet stringent international lock standards. Every single lock and shackle is built with a purpose in mind, from simple motorcycle disc locks to full-on chains with shackles, every ABUS lock is ready for years of protective service against the theft of the machine that brings you joy.