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About Boyesen

A pioneer and power maker in the MX scene since the early 1970s, Eyvind Boyesen's Scandinavian mind was brought to bear on getting the most out of every two-stroke MXer he could get his hands on. Boyesen revolutionized the concept of reed induction with the advent of the power reed so much so that it was - and still is, one of the first things many riders add to their factory new bikes. As one of the easiest ways to improve two-stroke engine power, adding a power reed just makes sense

Today, Boyesen is more than just reeds - PartsGiant carries a giant selection of engine covers, carburetor boots and even grips all with a Boyesen touch. Of course, the Power Reed system has evolved to include newer innovations, such as the dual-stage reed cage and even the Pro Series reeds, all of which are designed to make more power at every throttle setting

Adding a complete Boyesen RAD valve intake kit may be the single biggest improvement you can make to your two-stroke offroad machine. Combined with proper fueling, you can expect noticeable power improvements on even the smallest of engines!