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Carlisle Tires

About Carlisle Tires

Put quality between what you’re riding and the path ahead with Carlisle Tires. Built to withstand the toughest of challenges, each tire is brought to market only after satisfying a rigorous test protocol. From initial concept to serial production, every tire is purpose-built to meet the requirements of the serious offroad enthusiast. That approach lends Carlisle Tires well to meaningful work, too – farm and ranch work or even, help around the construction site are all are well within the abilities of these tires.

Puncture-resistant cases surrounded by self-cleaning treads provide the user with confidence to go the distance while minimizing the need to clear off the carcass just to get a little more grip. Carlisle’s smart tread design looks after your every need. Available in a wide range of sizes, in stock, and ready to go – there’s a Carlisle for every ride, wherever you want to go.