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About Condor

Long recognized as a leader in motorcycle storage and transport components, Condor has everything you need to safely keep your bike upright and ready. Condor took the concept of a regular wheel chock and elevated it to an engineering masterpiece of handling everything from minibikes to the biggest and heaviest monsters on the market.

Every Condor motorcycle chock can be configured to your precise needs in no time at all. After all, servicing the left-side of any motorcycle while it’s on the kickstand in your garage can be a pain, but the Condor wheel chock changes that. Just roll the front wheel in place and get to work. And, when the show has to hit the long road, you can easily bolt your Condor stand to your trailer’s floor for simple, safe and, reliable transportation that doesn’t require squishing the front forks to excess.

Other well-made components from Condor include motorcycle-specific soft ties and even helmet hangers. No matter what you choose, everything from Condor is made in the USA so you can easily expect a lifetime of service from every device.