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About DP Brakes & Clutches

DP Brakes finds its roots going back to the Second World War, wherein the company’s predecessor, Dunlop Aviation, developed disc brakes for use on aircraft landing gears. Up until then, drum brakes were the only common means of slowing aircraft upon touchdown. Not long after the end of hostilities did disc brake rotors start to become standard fair for automobiles. Worse yet, motorcycles weren’t mass-produced with disc brakes until the late 1960’s. Still, even with the advent of disc brakes, there was much left to be desired in terms of stopping performance.

That’s when DP Brakes was formed. At the time (and still to this day) organic brake pads offered fantastic feel and a smooth, linear bite, but when the weather turned wet, all of those traits are diminished. Feel becomes wooden, brake stopping power becomes poor and the amount of effort at the lever increases. A better material had to be found and, once commissioned by His Majesty’s Kingdom, Dunlop Aviation created DP Brakes just for the task. After much research, a sintered metal friction compound was found not only to have exceptional performance, but it also performed well when brake components became wet.

So fine is the performance of sintered metal that today, the vast majority of motorcycles are shipped from the factory with this type of friction compound. All along, DP Brakes has been at the leading edge of technology. And all along, it’s the only brake friction material they produce. In fact, Performance Machines and Hawk Halters ship their brake calipers with DP Brake pads already installed.

DP Brakes provides a range of sintered metal brake pads to suit any rider’s needs: be it offroad or road racing, and everything in-between. In addition, brake discs fabricated from 400 series high-carbon stainless steel have been added to the lineup. But DP Brakes isn’t just about getting you stopped, they also produce a range of clutch components, from friction plates only kits to full swap-out clutch kits with everything you need in one package: friction plates, steel separators and springs.

DP Brakes produces a range of quiet, fade-free and dust-free brakes to fit any bike worth owning. Check out the PartsGiant fit guide to see what’s available for your bike.