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Dura Blue

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About Dura Blue

When it comes to ATV drivetrain components, DuraBlue is synonymous with success. Founded in 1970, the company’s original line focused on automotive products, with its first product (and patent) being a suspension system for Corvette superstock racecars. It wasn’t until 1979 that DuraBlue’s success in the automotive world was replicated in 1979 with their line of axles specifically made for Honda ATC ATVs. These ATV axle products caught the attention of HRC’s (Honda Racing Company) Honda ATV race team, who approached the company in search of additional innovative ATV racing parts.

It was the early 80’s and DuraBlue took the call from HRC and developed an innovative ATV Posi-Lock system which is still employed by ATV enthusiasts to this day. So successful, in fact, were many of the parts that DuraBlue developed that they were later incorporated into the OEM designs of Honda ATVs. Since that time, most ATV manufacturers have also used many of these ideas to improve their own products, but there was still only one innovator when it comes to ATV parts, DuraBlue!

/p>Coming into the 90’s, DuraBlue set their mind to building the first light weight ATV wheel hubs that were also significantly stronger than stock. The lighter wheel hubs reduced the flywheel effect of the wheels and consequently, improved steering and suspension response to any ATV equipped with DuraBlue wheel hubs. ATV axles, wheel spacers and even ATV axle nuts were all treated to the same approach by: every component had to be lighter than stock while at the same time being stronger and more durable, hence the name DuraBlue!