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Enduro Engineering

About Enduro Engineering

Run by a cadre of offroad enthusiasts, and by enthusiasts, we mean FAST riders - Enduro Engineering parts and accessories for offroad bikes encapsulate everything that serious enduro riders want in their parts: lightness and durability. This simple ethos guides every new part to completion. And the evidence is clear when choosing the EE parts you need: radiator guards or skids plates, and even the suspension tools. They're all thoughtfully made to be easy to install but bulletproof durable to withstand the rigors of enduro and XC riding.

Specializing in aluminum, skid plates and radiator guards are fabricated from the lightweight material in a way to minimize weight penalties while maximizing strength. Every part is assembled to work in the trail, enduro and MX environment where, just like the rider, no part on the bike gets a rest, ever. Adding Enduro Engineering parts is the smart way to prevent the kind of damage that could end your ride, or your race.