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Energy One Clutches

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About Energy One Clutches

100& designed and manufactured in the USA, Energy One clutch kits are the choice of serious riders all over the world

Using friction plates with different groove patterns molded into their surfaces, these Energy One plates allow for maximum oil circulation for a cooler-running clutch pack. This, in turn, provides for a longer lasting, more durable clutch which you can appreciate through fewer service intervals and more consistent feel at the clutch lever when rolling away from the lights. This is further aided by using a simple, but logical philosophy: the more surface area on your clutch friction components, the better your clutch works. Energy One friction plates use a continuous ring of matter all the way around their plates to deliver the best performance for you. When compared to stock and some other aftermarket Harley-Davidson clutch kits, the amount of extra "meat" on an Energy One clutch plate is unmistakable.

Energy One clutch kits for Harley-Davidson motorcycles are respected enough to by other HD performance component manufacturers such as Baker Drivetrain, Evolution Industries, Belt Drives Limited and some other private label clutch brands, too. You can rely on Energy One clutches for stock to monster power bikes!