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Energy Suspension

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About Energy Suspension

A leading innovator in the aftermarket automotive suspension world since 1983, Energy Suspension recently brought that irreplaceable experience to bear on the powersports world.

The professionals at Energy Suspension recognized conventional rubber damping components found in suspension linkages, shocks, swingarms pivots, and elsewhere were lacking in terms of, not only durability, but performance. As such, in-house chemists at Energy Suspension created their own polyurethane formula, known as Hyper-Flex, to enhance every ride. Firmer and less deflective than rubber, this compound provides improved feel along with more responsive and predictable handling wherever it’s applied. Furthermore, its resilience to degradation from oil, debris and other contamination increases service intervals and consequently, reduces maintenance costs.

Harley riders, in particular, will enjoy the durable Energy Suspension motor mounts that significantly reduce engine shake. For the more performance-minded riders, especially those with fast bikes looking to maximum power at the wheel, cush drives from Energy Suspension improve driveline power transfer for that connected to the wheel feel.

Offroad riders benefit exceptionally from Energy Suspension UTV components as well. Dirt and sand are omnipotent on trails and silica particles just eat up rubber suspension components in the sway bars, steering system, A-arms and control arms, just to name a few. Upgraded Hyper-Flex Energy Suspension parts shrug off this wear for much, much longer. Adding Energy Suspension UTV to your build will help you enjoy more time on the trail with less time in the garage servicing worn out components.