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Fitch Fuel Catalyst

About Fitch Fuel Catalyst

If there was a SIMPLE, permanent way you could easily improve fuel economy while at the same time eliminating the need to prep your machine for extended periods of storage, would you do it?

With a Fitch Fuel Catalyst in your gas tank, you can do exactly that with one simple application. Just drop the catalytic capsules into your fuel tank and you’re all set. Really! There’s nothing else you need to do. Fitch Fuel Catalysts are scientifically proven to enhance mileage and stabilize fuel for long term storage with no need for any work on your part. A single pair of capsules will treat fuel tanks up to 10 gallons in size for the lifetime of your vehicle.

The small metallic discs, the catalysts themselves - are captured within durable plastic cages which allow all fuel within your tank to come into contact with those catalysts and quickly be transformed into a more stable chemical composition that’ll improve fuel economy and prevent gelling at the same time. As an added bonus, the catalyzed fuel reducing spark plug fouling, carbon build up on intake components and a cleaner combustion chamber. There’s even data that suggest a small increase in engine power output as well!

Fitch Fuel Catalysts are safe for all 2 and 4 stroke engines and won't interfere with the normal operation of fuel pickups or fuel pumps. It does sound unbelievable, but there is plenty of peer-reviewed scientific data out there to back up these claims. Add Fitch Fuel Catalysts to your tank today!