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Flat Out

About Flat Out

Save money and time with FlatOut tire sealants. FlatOut tire sealant can prevent air leaking from punctures of up to 1/2" in size in tire tread! Each bottle contains a proprietary formula using fibers and fillers that quickly act to seal up tire damage with absolutely no input from the rider. There's minimal air loss and, in many cases, you may not even notice that your tire has been punctured to begin with!

Rough terrain can do more than puncture a tire, however, striking rocks at speed or even having an errant branch pull on a valve stem can quickly make a fun ride go sour. These particular slow leaks often don't avail themselves until you've parked it up somewhere far away from base camp where you might relax for a few minutes and recharge before continuing the journey. In those few minutes, if you're parked up just right, air will slow escape from your tire leaving you, at best, handicapped for the ride back, or stranded with a flat tire

One FlatOut tire treatment can prevent both of these situations from becoming a problem with just an ounce of preventative maintenance in your garage adding a can of FlatOut tire sealant to each tire!