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Galfer Braking

About Galfer Braking

Originally founded in the hills of Barcelona, Spain way back in 1952, Galfer rose to prominence in the motorcycle brake category through an obsession on quality and, of course, a focus on the American market starting in 1992 ... in a garage. But like all great things, including performance motorcycle brake pads, you gotta start somewhere. Giorgio Milesi, the founding father's son, brought his family to America and set about making a name for the brand in the US market quite handily.

Starting from there, Mr. Milesi brought service to the whole of the Americas, Australia and the Far East. In addition to the import of all Galfer products made at company's factory in Spain, Galfer USA started making brake lines right here, in the USA. Stainless steel brake lines being the choice of those who demand maximum braking power, Galfer brake lines are available in an array of styles and colors to suit the most discerning of riders. Additionally, clutch lines to match are also in the mix.

Finally, to round out the friction package, check out their tremendous selection of brake rotors, including the original Galfer Wave brake rotors for modern sport bikes, and even Harley-Davidson motorcycle brakes, too. Brake rotors are available with aluminum carriers for lightness, and complete stainless steel units for maximum durability. Whatever you choose, Galfer brakes offer some of the best stopping components on the market, so you can't go wrong when it comes to slowing down with Galfer!