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Golan Products

About Golan Products

Starting out manufacturing filters for the defense department, Golan Products motorcycle fuel petcocks are second-to-none in terms of quality and refinement. One may not think much of the fuel tap, until it does more than that, like leak all over a hot engine! Golan fuel petcocks use a clever design that doesn't look and looks great, too!

Available in a wide range of configurations, there's a Golan fuel tap available for just about every two-wheeled application. Featuring a unique stainless steel ball bearing switch operation, each tape operates smooth-as-new regardless of conditions. A solid feel assures the rider that the petcock on his bike is positioned correctly, letter him know how much fuel he has left to ride.

Golan fuel filters are another specialty of the company. Featuring an all-aluminum chassis housing a 304 series stainless steel fuel filter element, you won't find a tougher fuel filter on the market. The reusable fuel filter provides clean fuel to the engine, preventing power loss or fuel injector failure on account of contaminants making their way toward the engine. If you're serious about your engine build, the simple addition of an upstream fuel filter can easily prevent a lot of damage from poor quality fuels or a dirty fuel tank. A quality motorcycle fuel filter adds peace of mind and reliability to any ride.