Hinson Racing Clutches


About Hinson Racing Clutches

Why are Hinson clutch components the most dominant brand in motocross? You could credit the innovative design and quality materials. You could point to the state-of-the-art manufacturing process. Or, you could just ask Supercross champs and legends such as Ryan Villopoto, Rickey Carmichael, and Jeremy McGrath why they’ve insisted on clutch parts from Hinson. Simply put, Hinson makes the most used and abused clutches in dirt biking, from the supercross circuit to regional courses to homemade backyard tracks.

From Hinson's groundbreaking billet clutch baskets to complete clutch kits, Hinson makes everything you need to get your bike on the podium and keep you up there. See a winning bike? You’ll probably see a Billetproof cover too – so you know what’s inside.

But it's not just the offroad; Hinson clutches can improve performance on street bikes from Ducati and KTM and the Big Four Japanese marques, as well as clutches for all major ATV manufacturers including Can-Am and Polaris. So if you're tired of cracked clutch baskets and warped backing plates, go with the brand the pros demand; insist on Hinson.

Quick Fact

Their dependability and design stems from founder Wayne Hinson, who first made his name developing his own ATV and dirt bike clutches in the early ‘90s. At the time, the OEM clutch baskets just weren’t up to the task of handling Supercross power. Wayne, through hard work and perseverance, came up with a billet clutch design that was more than up to the task. It became more than one rider’s secret weapon. As word got around, Honda and McGrath came calling. The rest, as they say, is history and Hinson's clutch work became among the most demanded in the paddock.