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About I.T.P.

I.T.P. is synonymous with Innovation, Traction, and Performance in the ATV and UTV world. Since 1982, I.T.P. has been building traction products for everyone, from lawn mowers to tractors, and of course, ATVs and UTVs.

How is it that I.T.P. can do this? With a US-based engineering and testing team, backed by the company’s vertically integrated manufacturing process, every step of the design; from inspiration to production is looked after by the same people who design the tires. From material preparation, mixing, assembly, curing and quality control, it’s all done in-house at I.T.P. to deliver the end-user tires that are ready to conquer the world’s most challenging terrain.

While I.T.P. has its own R&D lab and test facilities, the best way to evaluate any tire or wheel is at the apex of performance – racing. That’s why you’ll find I.T.P.-equipped machines at the top of the podium at all disciplines, from local amateur events all the way up to national level series. From desert to tundra, I.T.P. has the tires and wheels you need to go the distance!

Trusted by John Deere, Husqvarna, Bobcat, MTD, Polaris, and Arctic Cat as an OEM tire supplier, you can put I.T.P. tires and wheels on your machine and ride with confidence!