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Klock Werks

About Klock Werks

Starting off as a local Harley-Davidson custom bike shop, the Klock Werks started off customizing bikes right form the start. Building turbo-charged baggers way back in the late 1990s wasn't exactly common, but that's about right for this crew of builders. Taking inspiration from the likes of Arlen Ness, Donnie Smith, and Don Hotop, to name but three HD customizers, it was always a passion for the bikes that led the way to often unforgettable bikes.

Working in a small garage, the team at Klock Werks found themselves working on more and more bikes as word got around, and soon the garage wasn't enough ... then the crew from Discovery Channel Biker Build Off came calling. Klock Werks built the first bagger to win the build off, wherein they made themselves a familiar name all over the custom Harley-Davidson parts scene.

Custom bikes aside, the company makes all kinds of parts for cruisers, most notably the Klock Werks Flare Windshield. This patented design not only improves rider comfort at speed without having to make the windscreen exceptionally tall, but it also improved top speed thanks to the relatively low drag flare shape. And it looks good, too! All these parts are ready to bolt on to your bike without requiring difficult modificatoins or otherwise, customizing your own parts. Klock Werks leads the way in simple, American-made upgrades for a wide range of bikes.