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About Michelin

A pioneer in the world of tires, we all have Michelin to thank for making modern tires almost boringly reliable, durable and, safe in a tremendous variety of riding conditions. The first company to produce the interchangeable tire (they used to be glued to the rim!), Michelin genius without a doubt, went on to change the world of wheeled transportation through never ending innovation.

Most notably, the advent of the radial tire, a Michelin patent from 1946, yet again increased the durability and safety margin for tires of the day. Interestingly, the run-flat tire, also a Michelin invention, came about before radial tire construction back in 1934!

Today, those innovations of yore are the inspiration of tire engineers at Michelin to this day. New motorcycles come off the production line with Michelin motorcycle tires fitted as standard, and more than often, Michelin racers make it across the finish line first, too! PartsGiant carries a giant selection of Michelin tires for offroad motorcycles, on-road bikes, racebikes and now, Michelin ATV tires. Be it mud or dry pavement that you're after, there's a Michelin tire well-suited to carry you through the day.