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About ODI

A leader in the aftermarket motorcycle and ATV grips space, ODI created one of the most innovative grip designs in the world; the Lock-On Grip system. This simple design greatly simplifies the installation of your grips having done away with messy adhesives and the attendant clean-up that comes with swapping out grips for a new pair. Nevermind the difficulty of actually working with glue while pushing grips onto your handlebars either. Just push your ODI grips into place, wrap the throttle cable(s) around the included adapter, cinch down the inner locking ring and you're ready to ride!

Available in a variety of styles and grip compounds, ODI grips can be had for a wide range of riding needs, from the muddiest of offroad enduro to the pleasure of splashing along on your PWC and everything in-between. Each set of ODI grips are developed to tackle very specific riding needs to help you retain maximum control of your machine over the waves and through the woops, rain or shine.

To look after quality, every single grip is produced at their own facility in the USA. ODI has complete control from idea to starting gate to deliver some of the best grips you can find anywhere on earth.