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About Outerwears

Outerwears air filter covers improve the efficiency of any high performance or exposed filter to which they’re installed, filtering elements down to .005 inches. The addition of an Outwears filter can help extend not only the service intervals of an engine, but also increase its usable service life, reducing cost and increasing fun.

Originally focused on offroad racing engines, Outwears pre-filters prevent the ingestion of power-robbing debris that would normally clog an air filter, reducing engine power output and worse, increasing engine wear. Installing an Outwears pre-filter, for most machines, is a simple matter of slipping its custom-made design over your existing filter. No fuel adjustment or special tools required.

Outwears filter covers are thermal stable (they won’t melt) at temperatures of up to 450F, and they won’t shatter or become frail in extremely cold conditions. Furthermore, the durable material is elastic enough to be resistant to punctures, but durable enough for the long haul. Best of all, the many pre-filters come in different UV-resistant colors to add a touch of customization to whatever you’re riding.