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Patriot Suspension

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About Patriot Suspension

Patriot Suspension fork springs are available in two versions; Genesis and Multirate. Each fork spring is designed with a specific rider in mind.

Patriot Multirate springs increase compression resistance the more they’re squished. This lends them well to handling undulating roads without sacrificing ride quality. Multirate kits are available in standard length and lowered versions.

Patriot Genisis (yes, that’s spelled correctly!) fork springs are for riders looking for the best of both worlds: bump absorption capability that doesn’t make the ride harsh. To do this, Genisis springs use a dual spring configuration in each fork. Using Patriot’s aforementioned, specially-designed Multirate spring as the primary spring for a soft, smooth ride, the Genisis inner fork spring (that is, spring within a spring) provides bottoming resistance that soaks up big bumps with aplomb.

All Patriot springs are made in the USA using top-quality steel that’s precision wound and stress relieved for consistent performance in all riding conditions. An additional polishing step further reduces internal friction, enhancing the ride even more. Looking after your forks with Patriot Suspension springs will improve your Harley Davidson forks’ performance and make the overall ride way more enjoyable.