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About PIAA

PIAA has been active in motorsports since day one way back in 1963. While the famous PIAA headlamps seen on rally racers, from Dakar to the Nuremburg 24 Hours, are unmistakable, the brand didn’t come into its own until 1982 when it began supporting rally teams with those massive headlamps. Since then, the company’s focus has expanded to include exceptionally well-made lighting components to make your next powersports adventure safer and more enjoyable.

All PIAA lights are manufactured under stringent quality control standards that ensure consistent, even, and bright lighting of the path ahead. Available in a tremendous variety of plug-in lamps, PIAA bulbs are easy to install in your machine’s stock light socket. Every PIAA bump is built to outperform stock headlights in every aspect to help you identify hazards, especially at high speeds for a safer, more enjoyable ride.