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Red Line

About Red Line

With a reputation of lubricating engines at the front of the pack since 1979, Red Line oils are present in the winner’s circle week-in, week-out. From the beginning, Red Line focused on racing engines, where the best lubricants are needed to help engines survive at redline, and beyond. Rather than looking to cut costs by blending off-the-shelf conventional petroleum products, Red Line lubricants took a different route, blending PAO and ester-based compounds that are exceptionally stable at high temperatures, resist sheering and throw-off that would otherwise leave friction surfaces vulnerable to wear and tear.

Every product in the Red Line catalog has been formulated by chemists, manufactured under strict quality control protocols at Red Lines’ USA manufacturing facility – to failure. That is, every lubricant is pushed beyond its design limits to be absolutely sure it’s ready for you. As it is in racing, you learn the most when you go too fast, but next time, you learn just how much faster you can really go. That same attitude goes into every bottle or Red Line so you can ride and race with confidence!