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Risk Racing

About Risk Racing

Risk Racing makes the sometimes unpleasant task of maintaining and transporting your dirtbike a ton easier! A company founded by motocross riders for MXers, everything they make is designed to get you on the track faster and easier.

We all know it can be a bear loading the bike up before hitting the road, especially after a day of ripping it up in the dirt. Straps and tie-downs make the job more arduous than it needs to be. That’s why Risk Racing came up with their flagship Lock-N-Load strapless moto transport system. This simple kit, when installed correctly, allows a tired rider to quickly lock in their MXer in seconds. As an added bonus, you’ll find it easier to pack the rest of your gear since the bike stands straight up in your trailer or pickup truck bed!

Keeping with the rolling solo theme, check out the Ride-On MX lift stand from Risk Racing. Instead of having to huck your bike onto a milk crate, you can just roll it over the stand, push down on the lever with your foot and have both wheels are in the air. It’s fast and easy. And for the serious MX racer looking for a holeshot advantage, check out the Holeshot practice starting gate. Set it up anywhere you ride to tune up your response time to the drop of the gate and work on your clutch engagement skills. With dedicated practice, this tool can literally help you get to the first turn at the sharp end of the pack.

Back in the pits, Risk has an array of LED lights featuring magnets for on-bike holding power, larger LEDs for the garage floor (or ceiling) and even head-worn LED headlamps. Being able to see everything while you spin a wrench on your bike is critical to safety and performance. There’s a Risk Racing LED light that’s perfect for MX job!