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About Shindy

Specializing in ATV and motorcycle parts from Japanese manufacturers, Shindy brings to the American market hard-to-find parts for the discerning owner and maintainer. Every component in the Shindy catalog is only added after the company verifies that their demands for top-quality OEM-replica components are met. This includes looking after gasket dimensions for thickness, variability in shape and careful material choice.

This precision is especially apparent in the choice of Shindy carburetor rebuild components. Well-made jets, needles and float components can mean the difference between an engine that runs well after requiring minimal fuss to adjust correctly, or with less-parts, a never-ending cycle of tune, ride, adjust, tune, ride, adjust ad nauseam. Choosing a Shindy motorcycle carburetor rebuild kit assures the user has everything he needs to get proper fuel metering all in one kit.

Further in the catalog, Shindy motorcycle brake master cylinder rebuild kits are manufactured on contract for Shindy by Nissin, a highly respected Japanese manufacturer and OEM motorcycle/ATV brake supplier. By going to the same source trusted by major manufacturers for OEM-quality, aftermarket brake repair parts, you can ride safely with the knowledge that you have trust worthy brake components ready at hand.