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About Slime

While Slime is famous for its green tire repair "goo" - the company also produces a range of traditional tire plugs and associated repair tools. These plug kits are particularly useful for larger tire punctures. In addition, Slime has a range of air pumps that are not only useful on tires, but also balls and inflatable pool equipment

Using a Slime tire repair bottle is simple. Start by removing whatever object in the tire caused the puncture (if any). Next, remove the tire inflator's valve core using the included tool located in the Slime bottle cap. After that, squeeze the material into the tire and then re-install the valve core. Add air to the tire and then roll it about 1,000 feet to make sure the sealant is evenly applied throughout the inside of the tire. Once this is done, be sure to check tire pressure and you're done!