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Spectro Performance Oils

About Spectro Performance Oils

Spectro Performance Oils made a name for it way back in 1966 when Robert H. Wehman introduced Golden Spectro 2-stroke oil to the world. This revolutionary, and now legendary oil, helped solve the majority of plug fouling and smoking issues associated with 2-stroke engines of the day. Changing out spark plugs every weekend wasn’t exactly uncommon in the bad ol’ days of performance smokers, but thanks to Spectro, that problem was quickly forgotten about!

Until that point, Mr. Wehman had been involved in the lubricant business at some level, making a name for himself at SAAB USA, where he help solve oil mixture problems for their engines. That experience drew him to the aforementioned Golden Spectro formula which still exists in the catalog today. Since then, Spectro has added a complete range of transmission, differential gear and, suspension oils along with brake fluid to their product lineup. Basically, you can look after your entire machine using only Spectro’s American-made lubricants!