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Uni Filter

About Uni Filter

Open cell polyurethane foam filters didn't exist back in the early days of motorcycle air filters. Everything was either paper or gauze, which worked well for clean-air applications. The problem arises when dirt and debris start piling up at the intake, wherein moving air through those filter materials quickly becomes difficult. The reduced airflow led to lower power output and difficulty with fueling (remember carburetors?) which only got worse the dirtier the filter go.

Enter Uni-Filter's open cell polyurethane filter concept. The advantage of this material are many. It allows the use of a filter oil to increase stiction to passing debris, preventing dirt intrusion while at the same down, increase filter surface area which allows for even more dirt to be trapped. Best of all, there's very little drop off in airflow, when compared to gauze or paper filters, as dirt and debris accumulate. And then, even after it's totally saturated with dirt, you can wash the filter and re-use it, good-as new!