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Vision Wheel

About Vision Wheel

Vision Wheel Company was established in 1995 after the owners, Roger and Deanie Minor wanted to branch out from their successful tire and wheel distribution company. Having been in that business since 1976, the company foothold in that market expanded to the point where they saw a niche worth looking after. This separate entity grew at a steady pace and, after abandoning the 2-piece wheel design for 1-piece cast aluminum wheels, things really started to take off for the Alabama-based company.

That brings us to today’s assortment of Vision Wheel ATV and UTV tires. Constructed using modern technology, every tire carcass is built with offroad grip and durability in mind. From DOT-approved UTV tires for the street, to full-on sand paddle tires, Vision Wheel has the tires you need for your next offroad adventure.