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Performance Machine

About Performance Machine

Art on wheels, Performance Machine motorcycle parts allow the rider to tune up and customize any machine to really stand away from the crowd. And while style is important, function and quality are attributes put into every component of the PM Harley-Davidson parts catalog. Each part is made from the standpoint that it must work well to feel good. Lofty goals indeed, but our experience with Performance Machine has never been disappointing.

Starting in 1970, Perry Sands, a machinist by trade - decided to build his own springer front end. And the rest, as is often said, is history. The man utilized his talents to broaden the range of parts he wanted to make: wheels, brake calipers, brake rotors, forward controls - and on. Few builders have been responsible for so many ground-breaking designs as Mr. Sands at Performance Machine. Today, the catalog features everything in the PM catalog, for you, the discerning rider. Designed by a crew that loves looking at a bike thinking "what if" - it's all functional eye candy. Best of all? Every piece that comes in a Performance Machine package is made right here in the USA!